What to bring

Bring only necessary items to camp. Durable clothing and a duffel bag are recommended. Clothing and luggage should be marked. Space is limited in cabins—please do not overpack.

-Watershoes/old sneakers are required
-Sandals/Flip flops
-Rain gear
-Soap and shampoo
-Sleeping attire
SLEEPING BAG (we provide sheets)
-Bathing suits
-Pump bug spray

Day Campers should bring change of clothes, swim suit
and towel, water shoes and backpack everyday.

What not to bring

Aerosol cans of any type, cell phones, radios, TVs, IPods, MP3 Players, walkmans, CDs, skateboards, scooters, handheld games or any item of high personal or monetary value.

Lost and found items not claimed a week after your stay will be donated to a local organization.

“Rules for acceptance and participation in the program are the same for everyone without regard to race, color, national origin or physical disability.”