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Summer 2021 Registration
Limited spots remaining in weeks 1, 2, 3 & 4 for residential camp.

2021 Parent/Guardian Handbook

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Food Brought to Camp

We will be phasing out food brought to camp in the next few years. It has been a problem with campers, attracts raccoons and other animals and a possible risk of food allergies in the cabin.

Campers are allowed to bring one bin of snacks to camp. Any food/drink brought to camp needs to be in one container no larger than 24″ x 18″ x7″

Food not in the appropriate container will be sent home with the adult who brought it.

Thank you in advance for your help, we are healthier already!

What to Expect this Summer

Campers will need a negative PCR Covid test at least seventy-two hours before arriving at camp or proof of vaccination.  Unfortunately, if this cannot be provided your camper will not be allowed to attend. 

Campers and staff will be required to wear masks the majority of the time.  Exceptions will be when eating, waterfront activities or for resident campers when inside their cabins. 

Campers should have at least two masks for every day at camp.  

One refillable water bottle that will not be shared.


Drop Off on Sundays for Resident Campers

Parents will remain in the vehicle, only the camper will get out wearing a mask.  After a temperature check (must be under 100.4) the camper will be given a cabin number and escorted to the cabin. The campers’ items will be taken to the cabin by a staff member.


If there’s medication parents will pull a head to the nurse’s area.  Please stay in your car and allow the nurses time to look at and write down instructions for medication.


Remember this is all new to us so please have some patience as we work through everything.

Pick Up of Resident Campers

You will be given a time for pick up on Friday afternoon beginning at 3:30. We will have the camper and belongings at the designated spot along the road.

Remember to pick up medication in the same spot you dropped it off on Sunday.

Day Campers

Similar to resident camp parents and campers will wait until a staff member comes to the car then the camper only will get out.  Parents will need to complete the health screening app daily.  Campers’ temperature will be taken and asked the Covid questions daily.  Once completed the parent may leave. 

Campers will be required to wear masks, over the nose and mouth.

We ask all parents to keep their camper home if they do not feel good or are sick.