Day Camp Program

Procedures and information subject to change per COVID-19 guidelines

Day campers (ages 7-11) participate in the same activities as our resident campers and choose those activities at Sunday orientation (see below).  Activities include arts and crafts, sailing, canoeing, pontoon boat, archery, hiking, tennis, basketball and volleyball.  All campers participate in our swimming program.

Bus service is provided from St. Joseph’s Church (Camillus) to camp and back. Morning pickup is at 8:15 am and afternoon drop off is 5:00 pm. Two staff members will ride the bus to check campers on and off daily.

Every morning at pickup you will receive a “Kid Claim” with your campers name on it. In the afternoon please be waiting outside of your car with the “Kid Claim” in hand to ensure a prompt and smooth sign out of your camper.

Drop Off/Pick-Up at camp:  Campers can be dropped off at camp by car or boat.  Drop off time is 9:00 am. and pick up is 4:30 p.m.  Please make sure to check the proper box (bus or drop off) on the online registration form.

Daily attendance is taken on the bus before departing, if your camper is going to be absent, please call ahead, 673-2888 (by 8:00 am) and let us know, or you can send us a hand written note the day before. It is the camp policy to call all parents of campers who are absent.

Please do not send your child to camp if they are ill and/or running a fever.  Children must be symptom free for at least 24 hours prior to returning to camp.

Campers will enjoy the same lunch as our resident campers and staff. If your child prefers they can bring a bag lunch. We provide Bug Juice (kool-aid) and milk every day for lunch and water is available throughout the day.

Health Forms/Medications
Please complete your camper’s health information online and bring the over the counter form (signed by your doctor) to camp for Sunday orientation.  All campers are required to have a complete physical within 24 months of the time your child attends camp. See orientation information below.

Bring the over-the-counter medication form if necessary.

In the event of an emergency, we will make every attempt to notify parents or the emergency contacts chosen by the parent/guardian. If necessary emergency transportation will be handled by 911.

What to Bring to Camp Every Day (Please label all belongings)
Change of clothes
Swim suit and towel
Water Shoes
Backpack (for belongings)

What to Wear to Camp Every Day
Comfortable and weather appropriate clothing
Rain gear (rainy days)

What NOT to Bring to Camp
Cell phones (not permitted)
Personal toys
Weapons (play or real)
Any handheld video games
Electronic devices (iPods, CD players, etc)
Stuffed animals and dolls
Money or valuables

Orientation (Day Camp Only)
Parents and campers can tour camp, see the day camp room, speak with the nurse concerning health information during regular Sunday check in 3:30 5:00 pm. (Sunday being the one immediately preceding your week of camp)

Our nurse will check your campers’ electronic health form and take any camper medication, remember the over-the-counter medication form if necessary.
Campers will sign up for their activities for the week (swimming is an activity for everyone.)

Lourdes Camp, Inc. reserves the right to cancel any week of camp due to lack of enrollment; balances paid will be transferred or refunded. You will be notified at least two weeks in advance of any cancellations.