The Campership Program is designed for children whose families’ financial situation might not otherwise allow the opportunity to enjoy an educational/recreational experience at Lourdes Camp. The Campership Program is funded strictly by donations, which allows only a certain number of applications. Camperships are awarded for one week only.

In Memory Of

Mary Franchini, John Sweeney, Kevin Kilpatrick, Teddy Schalk, Harold Yeazel, Jerry Carroll, Angela Sindoni, Paul Headd, Richard Newman, Chef Bill Herndon, Dorothy Carroll, Harling Memorial Fund, Peg Casey, Wanda Orr, Anne Legg, Harold & Bernice Preston, Julia Glavin, Terrence Casey, Gary & Margaret Schrempf, Bob Crangle, Lawrence Hackett, Byrne Family, Hank Carroll, Fr. Greg LeStrange, Joe Capriotti, Susan Gibbons, James McDonald, Dennis Hemming, Kathy Palmieri, Joseph Lawton.