The Program

Campers participate in activities for the week from arts and crafts, sailing, canoeing, pontoon boating, archery, hiking, soccer, tennis, basketball, drama, flag football, and volleyball. The Ropes and Challenge Course is available for an additional fee*.

All campers are required to participate in our daily swimming program. Campers are evaluated on the first day of camp and placed in groups according to skill level. Waterfront Activities are carefully supervised by staff who are American Red Cross certified, and all swimming and safety rules are strictly enforced.

Ropes and Challenge Course

The 18 elements of the course involve trust falls, climbing, swinging, balancing and lifting. The nine low elements require participants to plan strategies, explore solutions, work cooperatively, listen and trust each other. The nine high elements (25 to 50 feet off the ground) are more of a personal challenge and remembered by campers because of the drama, anxiety, fear and exhilaration experienced. All activities are “challenge by choice.”

The Ropes and Challenge Course is a double activity period held every day (Monday-Friday).

*There is an additional fee of $75.00 per week for participation in the Ropes and Challenge Course, with a limit of 60 campers per week. Participants must be at least 11 years old.

(Preregistration is required)

Kids in life jackets on the lake

Swimming Lessons

All campers have the opportunity to swim as one of their activity periods. Sunday night campers’ strokes and skills will be assessed and campers will be placed in a specific area for lessons. Lessons occur from the beach area, T-dock and raft area for more advanced swimmers. Our staff is Red Cross certified in Waterfront Lifeguarding. Safety and appropriate instruction is our main goal.



Campers will have the opportunity to learn the basics of sailing. Staff members will instruct the proper technique and allow the campers to sail.

Kids in life jackets on the lake

Party Boat

Staff members will take campers on a short ride on the pontoon boats to the middle of the lake where campers will have the opportunity to jump off and swim. All staff and campers are required to wear life jackets.

Campers in a canoe

Canoeing & Kayaking

Campers will learn the basics of canoeing and kayaking. They’ll be taught various different paddling techniques and take trips up the north and south end of the lake.

Lourdes camp employees


Campers will have the opportunity to show off their soccer skills! In soccer they will play small sides games, worlds cup, juggling games, and more.

Kids at camp

Arts and Crafts

In arts and crafts campers can tap into their creative side making boondoggle, friendship bracelets, and tie dye at the end of the week. Our arts and crafts director will have tons of fun crafts for them to try. Please bring a white piece of clothing or pillow case to tie dye.

Kids at camp


Campers will hike all around camp grounds with days going to the ropes course, up the creek, seeing former archery sites, and even participating in a camp scavenger hunt.


Rec Sports

Rec sports lets campers have a chance to change up what they do each day! From Gaga ball to hand ball to capture the flag, campers will play an assortment of different team games.



Campers can have a great time on the court playing different shooting games like HORSE, knockout, around the world, and full court. Remember to bring your sneakers!



Come knock your arrows at archery! In this activity campers will be able to experience shooting a bow and arrow while aiming at targets, and maybe even win some candy for a bullseye.